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Zoo of nature terr in Benidorm

Zoo of nature terr in BenidormPopular
SubmitterGuestMore Photos from Guest   Categoryla marina alta    Last Update2009/8/21 17:22
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in Benidorm nature terr will be able to observe more than 1. 500 animals of 200 it spices different, 50 of those which is found in burdening danger of extinction, and more than 2. 500 too much samples of 160 specieses of trees, shrubs and tapizantes of these regions.


SubmitterGuest   Categoryespacios naturales    Last Update2008/5/9 22:23
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in the Stany of Cullera .

Zarra fixed income in the region of the Ayora -Cofrentes valley.

Zarra fixed income in the region of the Ayora -Cofrentes valley.Popular
SubmittervalenciaMore Photos from valencia   Categoryla vall de cofrents - Valle de Ayora    Last Update2007/2/25 11:19
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the relief is enough mountainous, specially in the central part of the term, in where to both patrons of the Zarra river raise the saws of lookouts ( 982 ms. ) and of the prop ( 887 ms. In the occidental part they appear some plains that it remember already the of La Mancha plains, while that in the opposed side, level with the municipal capital, the valley of the river widens and it makes room for some vegetable gardens that it is watered with the water that the mother irrigation ditch extracts for the irrigation water wheel of the mills and that then will water a major extension in the term of Teresa.

young charran

young charranPopular
SubmitterGuest   Categoryespacios naturales    Last Update2006/7/2 8:47
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Valencia saltwater lagoon .

You veil Vents e during the America wineglass

You veil Vents e during the America wineglassPopular
SubmitterGuestMore Photos from Guest   Categorycomarca valencia    Last Update2009/11/8 6:08
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with a total surface of 124. 635 m2, of those which 10. 000 m2 agrees it the building, is composed of four horizontal platforms, an on the other and among them wide jutting out terraces on the darsena and the inside canal of the port.

Photo No. 1-5 (out of 6093 photos hit)
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