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You marry tipicas of Alcublas

You marry tipicas of AlcublasPopular
SubmitterGuestMore Photos from Guest   Categoryels serrans - Los Serranos    Last Update2009/12/4 18:01
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this area is in one of the exits of the people and the mayoria is simple constructions todavia to keep preparations of the field, tractors and even have some rabbits. Enough bearable neighbors. Picture:popsique .

You marry tipicas of Albiuxech

You marry tipicas of AlbiuxechPopular
SubmitterGuestMore Photos from Guest   Categoryl'horta nord - La Huerta Norte    Last Update2009/12/10 3:15
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begins to appear Cavanilles that for that time the Albuixech population reached to the “110 vecinos”8 and your economic activity, as in the remainder of the neighboring people, was the agriculture. The surface of the municipal term was “estrecha of south á north, she who will be able to for one hour have with short difference of á west it finds ones bearings until the same mar”9. Picture:Toprural.

You marry bourgeoises of reeling

You marry bourgeoises of reelingPopular
SubmitterGuestMore Photos from Guest   Categoryles valls del vinalopo - Vinalopó Medio    Last Update2009/8/10 0:59
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about the plaza of San Juan, between the Tarafa river and the avenue of the constitution, it find a second part of the ancient helmet of reelingIn this area, your streets still have not been revitalized notably and are very little those who have received works of rehabilitation. However, the buildings with facades of high artistic value neither faltan. Picture: Hulius.

You goals the mouth of the Almazora millet fields river

You goals the mouth of the Almazora millet fields riverPopular
SubmitterGuest   Categoryla plana alta    Last Update2009/6/15 21:58
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you Almazora goals the mouth of the humid area millet fields river that stands out for the diversity of birds: until 207 different specieses they reach to it registers a few years ago. Nowadays the place is very gotten worse for the serious impacts coming supporting, but for all that still keeps, the better populations of camalonga and cock of cane brake of Castellón. foto .

You figure egípcias in mythical terr, Benidorm

You figure egípcias in mythical terr, BenidormPopular
SubmitterGuestMore Photos from Guest   Categoryla marina alta    Last Update2009/8/21 14:21
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Akuatiti. Inspirada in the rural housings of the Egypt ancients near to the Nile, to the authenticates source of subsistence for the egyptians. The houses of until two floors, it is built of facts adobes of blunder of the Nile and the walls coat of a plaster or plaster coat.

Photo No. 11-15 (out of 6093 photos hit)
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