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Yacimiento avd. of the source of seven waters

Yacimiento avd. of the source of seven watersPopular
SubmittervalenciaMore Photos from valencia   CategoryLa Foia de Bunyol - Hoya de Buñol    Last Update2009/6/16 13:27
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avd bed. of the source of seven it watersNEl people of Yátova, acquires seniority of service ATAVA, finds to him built on a small hill about your church. Your term has being settled from well remote times, for different cultures, with an Aeneolithic burial in the hot cave.

Yacht covers america in the port of valency

Yacht covers america in the port of valencyPopular
SubmitterGuestMore Photos from Guest   Categorycomarca valencia    Last Update2009/11/5 1:23
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at present XXI century and to raiz of the celebration of the wineglass of America, the port has suffered a new and important remodelación, by creating a darsena for boats of recess and opening new areas of walk for enjoyment of the citizens of Valencia, that always has lived of backs to the sea shut in in your walls. Picture:Silvestre.

Xixona long castle in Valencian

Xixona long castle in ValencianPopular
SubmitterGuest   CategoryComarca de Alicante l'alacanti    Last Update2007/2/21 12:48
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put on a rock in a strategic place, since visual can control any movement that it makes so much in the coast as in the inside, by blocking the way to the north area of viper. Presenta a double walled area of a few 130 m of major vertex in north-northeast direction -Sudoeste and a few 30 or 40 cm of amplitude. En the soul is localized a rectangular area.


SubmittervalenciaMore Photos from valencia   Categoryla safor    Last Update2005/6/10 0:52
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Photo No. 31-35 (out of 6093 photos hit)
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