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View of the tower of Paterna, at nightfall
View of the tower of Paterna, at nightfallPopular
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historical monument of the city of Paterna, in the province of Valencia, Spain.
Es the more emblematic monument of this Valencian location. It is put in the urban park of the tower and the nailed palace between the caves of the tower, excavated housings in the terrain that date from ends of the XVIII century and principles of the XIX.
Se disavows the origin of your construction, but it thinks to him that it was built in Arab time, as defensive system of the population.
En 1971 was deposed historical artistic monument of local character.The tower of Paterna has a form lightly troncocónica, with a height of 19.5 m, and a lower diameter of 12.70 m and superior of 9.60 ms. It consists of three plant and a terrace from in which it is had a panoramic view of the vegetable garden of Valencia. The ground floor, that is round, it was a water tender. The second plant is square and it is on she who is put the door of access to the exterior to the one that is acceded to traverse of a stairs that borders the exterior wall. The last plant is octogonal and gives access to the terrace through the inside stairs, with steps of brick to making a will.

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