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Street of people

Street of peoplePopular
SubmitterGuestMore Photos from Guest   CategoryProvincia de Valencia    Last Update2008/8/22 1:15
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people street

" port altre L

" port altre LPopular
SubmitterGuest   CategoryProvincia de Valencia    Last Update2007/2/14 19:35
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port of Catarroja. Your more ancient remains proceed from the port ( port ) of Catarroja. There, in front of Casa Sulema ( marries emblematic of this built place in 1881 ), as consequence of a dredging of the canal, it appeared a wide collection of fossils of mollusks that it is remounted about 8000 years back in the time, until the present time, passing from the moment in which the saltwater lagoon was salt water, therefore part of the sea, until going mixing with the fresh water, by forming a brackish fauna, until reaching to the fresh water, and of cane frame, being the last level, the rice field. Today it can be visited this collection in the natural park of the saltwater lagoon, Racó of l` pot, the palm grove, being property of the Martí Matías family (Sulema) of Catarroja.


SubmitterGuest   CategoryProvincia de Valencia    Last Update2006/10/3 10:25
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Yatova is a people of 2000 inhabitants of the region of the Buñol hole. This put to 45 kms of Valencia. Dress panoramica

YATOVA. Rio Mijares

YATOVA. Rio MijaresPopular
SubmitterGuest   CategoryProvincia de Valencia    Last Update2006/10/3 10:45
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beautiful landscape of the space traveled of the millet fields rio. GR7


SubmitterGuest   CategoryProvincia de Valencia    Last Update2009/6/16 13:03
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cozy rural house couple 10 appear in person in the people. foto


SubmitterGuest   CategoryProvincia de Valencia    Last Update2006/10/3 10:54
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The Garbi

The GarbiPopular
SubmitterGuest   CategoryProvincia de Valencia    Last Update2006/10/3 14:07
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put in the eastern area of the paragraph saw, the sheaved is a natural mirador put to 625 meters on the sea level that offers some excellent enclosed meetings on the sea and the city of Valencia. It deals with of one of the geodesic more near vertexes to the levantine belonging littoral to the Iberian system. It can accede from the populations of saws and Segart for several highways and forest tracks.

The paragraph saw

The paragraph sawPopular
SubmitterGuest   CategoryProvincia de Valencia    Last Update2009/6/16 13:04
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more pictures in: foto

Gun barrels of the Turia

Gun barrels of the TuriaPopular
SubmitterGuest   CategoryProvincia de Valencia    Last Update2009/6/16 13:04
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more pictures in: foto

Sanctuary of the remedy

Sanctuary of the remedyPopular
SubmitterGuest   CategoryProvincia de Valencia    Last Update2009/6/16 13:05
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more pictures in: foto

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