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dresses of the museum of fine artses give the ancients bolt of the rioTuria. ( Valencian art gallery -Museo saint peep v )


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is a fantastic hall, has a wonderful acoustics. It have gone turning around with the voice towards all directions and can say that is beautiful more than never have heard`. The statements of Montserrat horsied, our more international soprano, not do not but corroborate the celebrated sentence of serene Sunday after your first concert in our audience: ` the Palau is a Stradivarius`. From those first statements, the Palau acoustics has been unanimously praised for the musicians that have trodden on your stage.
Proyectado by José María of walls, reward national of architecture and artificer of other audiences as those of Madrid and choice, the Palau of the music of Valencia was inaugurated on 25th April 1987. From that time on, the Palau it beens raised up to the status of one of the more emblematic buildings of the city. The more than 300.000 spectators per year, they speak for yes single of the popularity of the audience, considerate today as one of the Europe musical more important centers.
Palau de la Musica Valencia

Castillo Benisano

Castillo BenisanoPopular
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castle of Benisanó (XV century)
Ubicación: Benisanó in the province of Valencia
Comunidad Autonoma of Valencia. Region of the` Camp of the Túria`
Gentilicio: mansarranos
NPoblación of Arab origin, built about a called musulmana alqueria`Benixanut`. It is in 1278 when appear for first time the name of Benisanó, such and as today know it.
La Patrona of the municipality is` the Mare of Deu of the Fonament` ( virgin of the foundation )
Declarado in 1994 as monument and well of inter cultural
NPropietario current: Municipality of Benisanó from 1996

Image 036.jpg

Image 036.jpgPopular
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Lateral facade of the cathedral of valency

Lateral facade of the cathedral of valencyPopular
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the cathedral of Valencia this constructed on the ancient Arab mosque, being built this on the ruins of the city in times of the visigothes. has constancy that began to build in the year 1262 thanks to an inscription in the gravestone of the Albalat bishop. It consists of three doors. The Romanesque, called door also` porthole of the Palau or of the cathedral church` , of the XIII century; the Gothic door, known as` door of the apostles` or of David, of the XIV century, and below the who makes an engagement all Thursday of the year at 12:00h( except festival ) the court of the waters of Valencia; and the baroque door, or of the irons ( at present in restoration ), of the XVIII century. The tower-bell tower of the cathedral are the tower of the Miguelete or tower of the Micalet, in Valencian and was built between the XIV and XV. centuries

Open space of valency pine grove

Open space of valency pine grovePopular
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pine grove is a pedanía of the city of Valencia. It finds fixed income a few ten kilometers southwards of this. It is surrounded of vegetable garden, rice fields and sea since it situates oneself inside in the natural park of the saltwater lagoon. The local economy always has based on the agriculture and the fishing although in more recent times has converted in a center of are second residences for the inhabitants of the city. In it finds to him someone of the last centennial cabins, and in your open space it exists dunes of fine sand, that arrange in order with a Protestant it takes a walk.

The ward of the typical Granada villa

The ward of the typical Granada villaPopular
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the ward of the typical Granada villa is one of the wards that agree the historical helmet of the city of Valencia. . It is a millenarian ward, that grew between two walls: the musulmana (XI century), contruida for Abd, Al, Aís, limited it for the east; and the new Christian wall (XIV century) protected it for the west.
El 18th August 1356, and during in the reign of Pedro II of Valencia ( Pedro II the ceremonious ), the previsions to improve the fortification of the city and the imperatives of widening of the same, it obliged to the general advice the starting of the construction of a new wall it hatched the arrabeles or outskirts of the ward. The old defensive wall of the Arab area not knocked down, but that it remained as a second defense it be a militant member. The problem of the communications with an and other part decided in favor of halfback of arcades, between those who stands out principally those of Valldigna.

Market garden is a ward of the city of valency

Market garden is a ward of the city of valencyPopular
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garden constituted an independent municipality from principles of the century XIX until 1877, in which was part of the town hall of Valencia again. In 1860 , it counted on 13.013 inhabitants. Before uniting to the city of Valencia, it were composite for farmhouses and bordering jardines with the meddling south of the walled city. Truly, your name comes of the Arab denomination of garden.
En the present time is one of the historical wards of the city of Valencia, delimited area in the understanded space for the pathes of the train ( station of the north ) westwards, the big pathes ( marquis of the Turia/thieves slang ) northwards and southwards ( peri and Valero ), and the widening eastwards.


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the ward of saint Marcelino (Sant Marcel.lí), was promoted in the year 1949 and based ones opinion on the year 1954, for the then Valencia archbishop, Marcelino Olaechea Monsignor, that impeled the creation of this ward to strive for housings to peoples without home.
NEn April 1954 , it begins to be inhabited the first block of housings, being the family of Moisés Pérez and Maruja Lamata the first in moving close.
El Barrio of Sant Marcel.lí, counts with an association reivindicativa of neighboring and neighboring, that from June 16 of 1.976, has made that the ward has progressed in substructures and better quality of life.

Shipment of moriscoes in the landing of valency

Shipment of moriscoes in the landing of valencyPopular
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the ward of the landing-in the district`Poblats Marítims` of the city of Valencia (Spain)-it finds to four kilometers eastwards of the historical center of the city and it understands the seaport. In previous times it names landing to the own port and your urbanization, that until the century XIX was independent of the city of Valencia.
En this place finds the real (drassanes) dockyards they consist in five big aisles of the same size, with covers thirty points each water and with beams of wood that base ones opinion on pointed arches. They were built in the XIV century and enlarged in the XV.

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