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To watch where works hull by pounding bell tower?it is not of monovar?

To watch where works hull by pounding bell tower?it is not of monovar?Popular
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in this hovel!!!jijiji

Main facade of the archaeological provincial museum of viper

Main facade of the archaeological provincial museum of viperPopular
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the MARQ or archaeological museum provincial of viper was inaugurated in your definitive form in the year 2000 in the building of the hospital ancients San Juan abundantly ( work of Juan Vidal Ramos in 1926-1929 ).
NFachada main of the archaeological museum provincial of viper it takes shelter more than 81.000 pieces of incalculable value, that show us the wealth of the history of the white coast, and the legate that have left the civilizations after your step for the Mediterranean thing. Still would that, the main aspect for which stands out is for your modern aesthetics, the great use it does of the audiovisual media and informáticos and the didactic thing of your explanations.

Birth house of saint Vicente Ferrer-Pouet of Sant Vicent

Birth house of saint Vicente Ferrer-Pouet of Sant VicentPopular
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Telf. 96.352.84.81
Dirección. Pouet de Sant Vicent, 1. 46003-Valencia
El Museo
NCasa ancestral of the Ferrer family, living the saint. It was reconstructed in 1955.
NEstá dedicated to the life and works of the Valencian saint monk Vicente Ferrer, of the order of the dominicans.

Benlliure museum house

Benlliure museum housePopular
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Telf. 96.391.16.62
Dirección. Blanquerias, 23. 46003-Valencia
NMuseo municipal.
NEl museum
NConstruida with am in fashion classicist in 1885, was acquired afterwards for José Benlliure, who added you a Mediterranean garden with some elements of the demolished convent of saint Francisco. The housing entertains the bourgeois life of ends of the XIX, perfectly restored, by keeping the back garden and original workshops.
Se can admire paintings, sculptures, drawings and pieces of ceramics carried out for José Benlliure, your Marian brother and your Peppino child, besides works of Sorolla, Muñoz Degrain and other artists.

Blasco Ibáñez museum house

Blasco Ibáñez museum housePopular
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Telf. 96.352.54.78 Ext. 2586.
Dirección. Isabela of Villena, 157. 46011-Valencia
NMuseo municipal.
NEl museum
NLa house is the ancient chalet of Blasco Ibáñez fixed income in the open space of the hollyhock. It is dedicated to the famous writer and political.
Alberga one of the components of your daily life( compliments, personal objects...), as well as the first editions of all your books.

Museum house amber Piquer

Museum house amber PiquerPopular
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marries amber museum Piquer
Dedicado to Concha Piquer
Telf. 96.348.56.58
Dirección. Ruaya, 23. 46009-Valencia
NMuseo municipal.
NEl museum
Se finds in the house where sprouted the artist.
ContenidoEn the ground floor is the permanent exposition with personal compliments, graphic, material documentation discográfico,... There is also a recreation of your dressing room. Audio-visual permanent wave.

Center cultural Bancaixa

Center cultural BancaixaPopular
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centers cultural Bancaixa
Telf. 96.387.58.64
Dirección. Plaza Tetuán, 23. Valencia
NEl museum
Este centers account with the following services:
-Salas n of conferences.
-Salón n of acts.
-Biblioteca n university.
-Ciberoteca n.
-Salas n of expositions.
-Tienda n of the center.

Museum of the Philip prince sciences

Museum of the Philip prince sciencesPopular
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this museum finds to him integrated in the complex acquaintance as city of the arts and of the sciences. Being of recent construction.
Planta goes down
NLa science to the scene
NFrío-cold, chemical magic, it mount the number, sounds:musica and nature
NPlanta first
Escaparate of the science
Ciencia of the sport
L`Espai dels xiquets
¿What there is behind the fitting?
La boosts of the water
El rostre, Exploratorio, Tecno..., Laser
NLos geologic of the country resources

Crypt of saint Vincent Mártir

Crypt of saint Vincent MártirPopular
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Telf. 96.394.14.17
Dirección. Plaza of the archbishop, 1. 46003-Valencia
NEl museum
NRestos of a Visigoth building excellently kept. It deals with of a funeral chapel of the S.VI that it must be part of the Episcopal whole.
Además of can observe the building organize to him audiovisual passes in your inside

Gallery of the Tossal plaza

Gallery of the Tossal plazaPopular
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Telf. 96.398.18.03 ( visit for groups ) 96.352.54.78 Ext. 4403
Dirección. Pl. of the Tossal, s/n. 46003-Valencia
NEl museum trade of a small subterranean hall put in the plaza with remains of a tower and canvas of the Islamic wall of the XII century that are part of the door of to the -Hanax. It is the custom for temporal expositions.

Photo No. 1-10 (out of 18 photos hit)
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