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The Alcudia castle of see Castellon

The Alcudia castle of see CastellonPopular
SubmittervalenciaMore Photos from valencia   Categorycastillos    Last Update2009/6/15 20:22
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the Alcudia castle of seeing in the Castellón province is a strength of Arab origin that is put on a mountain of pendent forts in front of the population, on the brink left of the Veo.Alcudia de Veo

The Almenara Castellon castle

The Almenara Castellon castlePopular
SubmittervalenciaMore Photos from valencia   Categorycastillos    Last Update2009/6/15 20:24
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the strength it develops longitudinally on the sharp hill. Of irregular plant it disperses, it consisted of three areas, with the castle in the high part and two roast lightly isolated (Bivalcadim and Bergamuza) put in the extremes. In the part previous to the castle it puts the albacar in which was found the water tender and the mezquita.Almenara

Castle of Culla Castellon

Castle of Culla CastellonPopular
SubmittervalenciaMore Photos from valencia   Categorycastillos    Last Update2009/6/16 22:47
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castle of Culla. In the century XIX, it bears fruit of the Carlist war of the seven years, was wasted and satiny, remaining basic the current image of the location. They highlight the tower of Frare Pere and the the door of entrance to the barbican of the castle, with the coat-of-armses of the Montesa.Culla

The Todolella Castellon castle

The Todolella Castellon castlePopular
SubmittervalenciaMore Photos from valencia   Categorycastillos    Last Update2009/6/15 20:27
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trade of a defensive building of elegant character, with a yard about which put the formed whole for four bodies. The more ancient and high body, in which is put your facade, shelters the rooms to those who is acceded for stairs of stone. In this facade it counts with three ogival windows with vegetable tracery, with other three more small on the main thing with pointed arch.
Los other bodies is destined to stays of service, as barn, stables, etcetera., by putting in the later body two roast lightly throw-ins and a small muralla.Todolella

Morella Castellon

Morella CastellonPopular
SubmittervalenciaMore Photos from valencia   Categorycastillos    Last Update2009/1/19 18:04
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Morella is an ancient put city in the mountain. When it snows is as if us trasladasemos to the age it intercedes. It has a rocky castle in the high thing of the people, a main church gotica, the convent of saint Francisco, asi as walls with your towers and doors...

La Ermita of Valliviana is beautiful and distant tambien of the capital and it has a baroque church.

NAparte of the local annual feasts Morella tambien have some occurring every six years feasts ( each six years ) very famous in all regions of around. You finish off them concerned the 2000, for which the seran proximas in 2006.

Desde the viewpoint of the contemporanea architecture, Morella counts with a building projected for Enric Miralles and Pinós Desplat typical Granada villa. It deals with of the Morella home school residence ( 1986-1994, work that, competed against one of the skirts of the castle of the location, it goes down with it in repeated platforms. correspond even to the phase but early of your architects and, although shows already the formal, space impression caracteristica of the Miralles, Pinós duo, characterizes to him but well for a contencion that large basket translated then for an each major time formal fecundity. The building was rewarded with the II Premio of architecture hispanizes conceded in 1995

The Almonecir castle

The Almonecir castlePopular
SubmittervalenciaMore Photos from valencia   Categorycastillos    Last Update2008/4/26 3:14
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the Almonecir castle is put in the municipal term of Vall of Almonacid ( province of Castellón, Spain ) on a promontory in the center of the valley, being of of mountains type with plants irregular.Vall De Almonacid

Blessed magdalen of Polpis Castellon

Blessed magdalen of Polpis CastellonPopular
SubmittervalenciaMore Photos from valencia   Categorycastillos    Last Update2009/6/15 20:29
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CASTLEOf Arab origin.It had as first poblacional antecedent the castle of Polpís, of which only keeps a part of the keep, the main door and some canvases of walls, and in the small hamlet put to the feet of that one. In January 1190 was donated by Alfonso II to the templars, in spite of that still it were in can of the musulmanes. Conquered in 1233 for the master of the Order of Knights Templar, it is conceded you letter of population in February 1287 , according to custom of Valencia. when integrating in the order of Montesa, succeeding of the Order of Knights Templar in the corona of Aragon, Polpís goes in is part of the postal package of castle of Chivert. The small Polpís enclave had 30 houses in the year 1329, and in 1845 it reached to have 160.

Biar Alicante

Biar AlicantePopular
SubmittervalenciaMore Photos from valencia   Categorycastillos    Last Update2006/8/16 16:15
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Asignado this opposite place the Aragon corona for the treaty of Almizra of March 1244, the date that someone consider as of your surrender is those of 1245, while that other get behind it to the 1253. In principle, the king respected the presence, the possessions and the customs of the musulmana population, and it was bounded to establish a trimming, it rents the real incomes and it retrieves taxes. But the rising of the musulmanes (1276-1278) shared in bearing your expulsion of this place. In 1280 , Pedro III of Aragon confirmed the distributed country estates to the Christian population in a document that has judged as a true settlers title deed of the place.Biar, for your border condition with the powerful Villena dominion ( belonging to the kingdom of wool coating ) constituted a crucial nucleus in the Castilian-Aragonese conflicts and received successive privileges, between those who highlights the Pedro IV promise of Aragon of not segregating the villa and your term of the corona. During the war of succession it deposes partisan of Philip V and it must resist the attacks of the austracistas.

The Cullera castle

The Cullera castlePopular
SubmitterGuest   Categorycastillos    Last Update2009/6/15 20:32
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castle: In the high thing of the mountain, standing out so much the people as the sea finds the strength of the century XIII it gave the orders builds the James I king the conqueror on the ancient Arab strength. It was walled although the walls no longer exist in your totality, remained some sections. They remain remains of the ancient towers that they were part of the walled area of the mountain and the population.

Tower of Pardines, Olocau

Tower of Pardines, OlocauPopular
SubmitterGuest   Categorycastillos    Last Update2009/6/15 20:36
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the TORRE DE PARDINES, put in the more high part of the people, it was the defensive tower of the ancient farmhouse of the same name, dependent of the castle of Olocau, and it is the more ancient edification than it keeps in the population. If it have suggested to him that your origin could be Roman, the date of more probable construction would be in the first half of the s. XIII, and must be part of a small fortification. It was used and reformed for the Christian Spanish conquerorses, since your soul shows more modern elements.
NSu plant is rectangular of prismatic section, with thick walls. Do not can know which went your height nor the number of plants that it possessed, since only keeps a, that sheltered a dependence that was covered with vault of gun barrel. The communication between the different floors looks as if made to him for a few orifices but not too wide, which suggests the use of stairses of ancient land measure.
NLa roast lightly finds to him ruined, by having lost your cover, part of your adornments and almost all your inside structure.

Photo No. 1-10 (out of 10 photos hit)

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