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The Ademuz corner is one of the Valencian regions where the proper peculiarities do of her a special place. It is necessary to highlight first of all that it is a Valencian enclave placed between Aragonese and Castilian grounds, specifically between Cuenca and Teruel. It is a case similar to the Catalan enclave in French grounds: the small Llívia population.

           A natural and rural place that although territorialmente it does not have proper contact with the Valencian Community , supports the proper cultural identity of this one, what praises it moreover between all that we call ourselves Valencian.

           Geographically it is surrounded to the north by the Universal mounts and the Javalambre saw and on the south by the Tortajada saw. They highlight several summits in his eventful place, standing out It Closed Caldron with 1839 m, overcoming this way the Penyagolosa in Castellón with his 1814 m, y turning it into the highest peak of the community; also he emphasizes the Peak of the Sparrow-hawk with 1747 m, y the Cross of three kingdoms, with his not despicable at all 1555 m, the whole paradise for the lovers of the mountaineering and of the nature in particular.

           The river that bathes his grounds is the Turia also known as Guadalaviar in his highest area. Two are the tributaries that it is necessary to emphasize, the Ebrón and the Bahilgues, which have agreed in some of the areas for those who think up a series of the most beautiful gullets that in certain stretches complement each other with cascades and waterfalls of spectacular beauty.

           It is not necessary to forget the rich biosystem that characterizes to this region, with a rich and varied, proper flora of the area of high mountain like sabina, the carrasco the pine, the juniper … and a fauna also diverse located in his mounts like the always present fox, the deer, the wild boar, the genet, the common squirrel; in his rivers, like the barbel, the trout, the otter or the badger … without forgetting the multivaried birds, quails, partridges, magpie, owls, any tawny vulture and the majestic golden eagle.

           It is to 136 km from Valencia and this region is shaped by a series of municipalities, which proud open his doors to all those that choose this enclave to enjoy a relaxed stay, in contact with the nature, and with a big diversity of cultural, gastronomic activities and festeras, between that we emphasize the medieval markets, the fair of the apple, the ethnographic museums …

           The corner of Ademuz is provided demographically with approximately 2600 inhabitants distributed in seven municipalities and approximately 17 population nuclei. Although we still support certain ignorance of the origins of these, if we know that until the middle of the XIIIth century in which it was conquered by king Jaime of Aragón, the populations were Moslem and they would be incorporated into the kingdom of Valencia. Throughout several centuries they have been in diverse hands like those of the dominion of Wild, but it never stopped belonging to Valencia, except in two occasions, consecutive both; one during the reigned brevísimo of José I and other one as result of the administrative division for the courts of 1812, but in 1823 it belonged again to Valencia until our days.

           It is not necessary to forget his tasty gastronomy, these porridges, the crumbs, the stew, the sausages, the delightful honey and his unbeatable and varied apples …

           To approach the corner is to penetrate directly into a paradise of light, color and flavor where they will be able to enjoy equally a weekend that a few longer holidays. It counts also with many assistance services the citizen.

           They emphasize seven municipalities:

Ademuz           Castielfabib         Torrebaja           La Puebla of San Miguel           Vallanca           Tall Casas           Low House

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